About 'Quiet! Don't Talk'

A peron whose rights are infringed upon wants to find a way to tell the truth. Writing comes to aid in situations like that. Door that are shut in the face of a businessman are high and heavy without much of a chance of opening. The book, 'Quiet Don't talk', was written to pry open the doors and make the voice heard telling the truth.

For Hayyam Garipoglu there are more important issues than appearing before justice today. Cleansing himself of the undeserved nouns like money siphoning crook is just one of  these issues. To protect the family name and refrain fom being punished for serving his country also helped steer the writing of this book in the right direction while speeding the process.

Since I have been working for as long as I came to know myself and unlikely to change this habit in the near future I guess we can safely say that my hobby is working. We can say that I am finding happiness in working or trying to find it. If it counts as a personality trait there is a side of me that I value. I harbor the thought that in business whatever someoneelse does I can do it vigorously and succeed in it as well. I have this belief and I run after it.

Readers are left face to face with, after the purchase of the Sumerbank by Hayyam Garipoglu, with Turkey's realities and a businessman's attention deserving experiences. Events after the Malki murder and PO auction, with the zest of a detective story; conveys our heroes tragic story in a confusing manner. The manner adopted to tell the truth makes the book more than a confession letter and transforms into an interesting biography of our days.

When I graduated from Ceyhan High School first in my school list I went to do an internship under a cotton importer in the England cotton exchange. My internship lasted three months in Liverpool Cotton Exchange. From there I came to Bremen Cotton Exchange in Germany and worked there for a year. Those days I was trying to sell to importers in the Bremen Cotton Exchange the cotton samples sent to me by my father.

Everything starts this way. Investing, building factories and creating jobs are ideals and aims that take shape during youth. Thoughts like this apparent during youth transforms as time pass. Ambition to make money turns into aim to be succesfull.

Factories are built with international partnerships. Losses from being inexperienced occur but with the thought that there is no bad experience road is threaded upon. During the years 1993 and 1994 this forward advance is gaining speed. Yarn Factory and yeast factory are built and after that investments in chemistry sector and a leap into finance sector...

'I want to appeal for the attention of those who say where did this Garipoglu sprang up from. We were a company even 15 years ago without any debt and at the same time earned 31million dollars from the sale of one of the factories solely owned by our group.

Hayyam Garipoglu's fight after his name is involved in the Malki murder, PO auction and people with agendas to deter him from gaining a foothold in that company, continues and becomes more vicious each day gone by. On top of all this writer of this book is witness to a bankrupt bank taken from his hands with enough money in its deposits and a forward increasing activity in the banking sector.

Police custodies, prison terms, interrogations.... Real reason is not surfaced during these events. Who are benefiting from all this? Why is Hayyam Garipoglu a threat and to whom? How is it possible to cleanse a families reputation? How can one do not steer from aims, beliefs and hopes in face surmountable odds? All of these questions and more are in the book. Every question is answered with an open heart. Because there is nothing to fear from in truth.