Subtitles from the book

Unfortunately nobody is interested in others problems.

Who am I?
There is good in every difficulty and there is an opprtunity in every crisis.

Beginning of my business life
My making money and adventures in Kuveyt

First factory investment
Factories build erronously and losses for national treasury

Yeast factory establishment
Partnership with Spanish firm and conflicts of opinion

First jail experience
Capital has shown its power

Second Yeast factory
Capitals persevering power, small firms can be run out of sector

Yarn Factory in Amasya
Facilities that take pains to build should not be left to rot

Last Yeast Factory
A job well known can be executed anywhere in the world

Other factories
Our times of expertise in factory building

Capital Accumulation
There is people at the foundation of wealth

Sumerbank's purchase
Bank auction and meeting Malki, borrowing from Malki to be partner

Who was Nesim Malki?
Someone's murder and in the name of money is a shame.

Sumerbanks condition at the time of purchase
A banks under the supervision of government and its condition before purchase

Our Sumerbank Days
Work done in 2,5 years and the incredible success gained

Bank Purchase in Germany
Sad ending to an enterprise that would make us an international bank

Petrol Ofisi incident
Price we pay for trying to get a bigger piece of the national pie without knowing the political dynamics and intrigues

Auctions cancellation
Auction was not given to the winner but to whom it was beforehand decided to be given

Türkbank Auction
Without justification being tried in a legal case for seven years

Taken into custody at the Organized Crime Division and after effects
Political power can use the government agencies to throw guilt an innocent

Demirbank example
Big fish swallow small fish

Small dose of thrashing
I wasn't tortured but my honor was damaged

With the help of Justice free of Malki murder

Black money incident third accusation
By usage of government power third accustaion without any foundation

Cleanhand confessions
'Without the vision to sense the world I am just clean!' Damages of running the country like a detective

700 Trillion liras
In order to blame it is said. It does not suit a Prime Minister to say and its a lie

MASAK investigations other damages
It is hard to do work in Turkey when you get stuck at bureaucracy

Who can own banks?
I had neither more nor less of aany qualities from those who owned banks

How does banks make money?
Interest earning that is called hot money

Empowering the banks
I am putting all our wealth into the bank

Tupras' purchase by Romania
Loss of a giant job for nothing

New Petrol Delivery company
I give up in the face of so much hate and treachery

Whoever steals the minaret will find a suitable cover for it to hide
Racketeering is not made with family and with 52 people

Condition of the bank
Sumebak was in the first 5 banks

Crisis' and reasons of losses
Hands can not be held responsible for captains mistakes and the losses

Why we were taken into 64 clause scope?
We were taken into scope of 64 clause because of the Malki murder not because of the condition of the bank

Governments takeover of the bank
People who can not fathom the office they were placed in

Sided comptroller auditor reports
What was right yesterday when the management changes becomes wrong today

I do not owe to the bank but bank owes me
They would  not let us get deserved earnings from the bank

Kanal 6
Like there is not enough we have to deal with this?

Incident that will prompt to say enough is enough
Political decision and our annihilation

What is loss?
With wrong applications every balance-sheet can turn into a loss.

Double standard applications
Esbank and Yaşarbank right attitude shown was not shown to everyoneelse

Banks' real losses
In our banking system there isn't the money as they claim there is

Did I take money from the bank for myself?

Loss calculation way

During Law process Council of State time

Capture by the polis
Bad memories at the Precinct

Jail life
Memories making me laugh when remembered

Criminal Courts
Respect for the verdict of courts

Is it a crime to take out a loan?
The way in which I was accused

Is there a front company?
Every company that I have relations with is considered a fron company

Where is the money taken out as loans?
There is not any money that left the banks vault.

Can loans be given to Groups?
Every bank can use its judgement to give loans taking into consideration risks involved.

How much of a loan I took out?
I took loans within legal perimeters.

I was going to sell the bank
I made a mistake by not sellin but I did not know they were going to take over

Cost of bank to me
All our wealth was in the bank

Offshore subject
Other aggrieved parties of the takeover incident

World Bank Loan and a lost investment

Toghening of our working conditions

Who benefitted while we lost?
Examples of incidents whether publicized or not
If we were to be hanged in Taksim Square who would be happy

Literature of siphoning money's biggest damage

Running after the verdict of jail time

Seeking  solutions
Differentiating between guilty and innocent

Reason of siphoning money